OKAZU, ABO Ramen (GF) and ABO Matcha Set

OKAZU, ABO Ramen (GF) and ABO Matcha Set

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New to ABOKICHI? You can taste all of them with the 30% discount. Enjoy our award winning products.


Chili miso OKAZU

Spicy chili miso OKAZU

Curry miso OKAZU

Your new cooking BFF! You can add this to virtually everything. Try it on rice, on meat or tofu, in your burger, ramen and pretty much anything.

These award winning products will have your taste buds lingering for more...and potentially create an addiction.

Chili OKAZU is an umami-rich chili, miso, and sesame oil based condiment often eaten with rice in Japan, which can also be used to top chicken, burgers, fish, eggs, potatoes, and more.

Use it as a marinade or as an ingredient in your own homemade salad dressing, this condiment is versatile and we encourage you to experiment.

OKAZU gained an initial following at farmers' markets in Toronto and has been featured in New York Times, The Toronto Star, The National Post, Toronto Life, and a winner of the Sofi gold award 2020.

2. ABO Ramen - Gluten Free

ABO Ramen classic miso

ABO Ramen spicy miso

Not your typical ramen, this one is good for you! 

ABO Ramen has 20 grams of protein and a full serving of vegetables per bowl.Our wheat-free noodles, paired with real fermented miso broth that is seasoned with our award-winning OKAZU condiment offers a guilt-free meal that is high in iron, potassium, and fibre while being lower in sodium, fat and carb than typical instant or restaurant ramen. It’s also easy to prepare! Umami yum! 

Cook up a bowl of ABO Ramen at home in under 10 minutes for a nourishing and satisfying meal. Suggested toppings: nori sheets, ramen egg, green onion, bamboo shoots, corn, arugula, sauteed mushrooms, bean sprouts, anything you like!

For an extra burst of umami, try topping ABO Ramen with OKAZU.

ABO Ramen is 

  • non-GMO
  • gluten-free (wheat-free)
  • Free of artificial flavouring
  • Plant-based
  • Good for you
  • Yummy!
  • Noodles made from lentils

ABO Ramen is NOT

  • Typical instant or restaurant style ramen
  • Made using chemicals or animal products to achieve an umami flavour

If you are interested in traditional restaurant style ramen, try ABO Ramen Fresh. If you are interested in diverting food waste and our efforts to reduce carbon emissions, you should also check out ABO Ramen Fresh.

3. ABO Matcha

Abo Matcha is certified organic in Canada, USA, and EU, but it is so much more than “organic matcha”. It is grown in Wazuka town, in the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan where tea farming has an 800 year history, starting during the Kamakura-era (1185-1333AD). The area’s tea became known as “Uji-matcha” and is of such high quality that during the Edo-era (1603-1868AD), it was reserved for consumption by the Emperor. Currently, Wazuka produces 50% of all tea produced in Kyoto, also Wazuka produces 40% of Uji-matcha. 

The farm that makes Abo Matcha is called Nakai Tea Farm. Nakai Tea Farm is distinct because they are an organic farm that uses natural cultivation and farming methods for matcha cultivation. Typically, even certified organic tea farmers are allowed to use a minimal amount of pesticides and fertilizers in their production, but Nakai Tea Farm has rejected this allowance, choosing to be 100% all-natural. When they converted their farm from conventional to natural farming methods, their yield was reduced to 30% of what it had been. This smaller harvest continued for five years as they gradually perfected their all-natural growing methods. It is truly a rare and special tea farm.

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