Abokichi launches OKAZU in sustainable packaging at DC area Giant stores

Award winning sauces now available in reusable packing in partnership with Loop

Toronto, ON (Oct. 24, 2022) - Abokichi Inc., producer of Japan-inspired grocery items has just launched their Sofi gold award winning OKAZU chili oil condiments in fully reusable containers in the Washington DC area. This waste reduction effort is thanks to a new partnership between Giant Foods and Loop, the global circular reuse platform developed by TerraCycle. 

Customers can now walk into any of the 10 participating Giant supermarkets and purchase OKAZU, along with more than 20 products from leading consumer brands, all packaged in reusable containers instead of single-use packaging.

“We are proud to introduce our products in the DC area by launching at Giant stores through Loop. It is exciting that consumers who may be encountering our products for the first time will have a more sustainable experience from the start.” says Fumi Tsukamoto, co-founder and CEO of Abokichi.

Abokichi has earned kudos for their environmental sensibility. They have several products which are upcycled certified, including ABO Miso Soup, ABO Ramen, and ABO Ramen Fresh. Making use of nutrient rich sakekasu, the lees left over and sake brewing, and okara, the byproduct of tofu making.

“At Abokichi, we strive to make products that are as “good” as possible. This includes how it tastes, how easy it is to enjoy at home, while having a positive impact on our planet as well.” says Tsukamoto. “We are so pleased to be able to offer OKAZU in a reusable jar.”


Abokichi OKAZU condiments are available in three flavors: Chili, Spicy Chili, and Curry. Each jar is 8 oz. (230ml) and a deposit is fully refundable through the Loop program.


About Abokichi Inc.


Abokichi Inc. is dedicated to sharing traditional Japanese cuisine with North American food lovers of all backgrounds. Abokichi products have been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, CANADIAN LIVING, Edible Toronto, The Globe and Mail, The Star, Toronto Life, CBC Radio, Bento Box Magazine, 24 Hours Toronto, CBC Radio and more. 

Learn more at www.abokichi.com.

About Loop

Loop is a global reuse platform enabled by a multi-stakeholder coalition of manufacturers, retailers, and consumers that aims to Eliminate the Idea of Waste®. Loop partners with brands and retailers to shift from a disposable to durable supply chain which enables consumers to responsibly shop for a wide variety of commonly used products. Loop is available in France, Japan, and the U.S. For more information on Loop, please visit www.exploreloop.com.


About Giant Food

Since opening its first location over 85 years ago in Washington, D.C. in 1936, Giant has been an integral part of the communities and customers it serves. Giant is committed to being a Better Neighbor and has designated four main giving pillars that address local Food Insecurity, Military Support, Pediatric Cancer Research and Social Equality. Giant is headquartered in Landover, Md. and operates 164 supermarkets in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia with approximately 20,000 associates. Included within the 164 stores are 153 full-service pharmacies, 92 full-service PNC Banks and 27 Starbucks locations. Giant fits all the ways today's busy customers want to shop - whether in store or online. With 161 Giant Pickup locations and Giant Delivers available in all of its markets, customers have even more convenient options right at their fingertips to get the best products and prices, whenever and however they choose. For more information on Giant, visit: www.giantfood.com.


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